Audio: The Jingles

Those jingles.  They would stay in our minds for days, and have us singing and/or humming them as we go through our day, and as we went to bed.  The DJ's had them made, telling us who was on the air, with the jingle of the time.


WSGN used a total of 6 companies for their jingles.  Throughout the 1960's, PAMS of Dallas, TX was the primary supplier of the jingles.  Commercial Recording Corporation (CRC) supplied a couple of the jingle packages mixed in with the PAMS.  CRC was the front runner to TM Productions, which would also produce jingles for WSGN in the early 1970's.


With the 1970's brought a change in direction with where WSGN purchased their jingle packages.  1971 saw a swap to Drake jingles, produced by Bill Drake.  From there TM Productions,  Tanner, and JAM Productions produced jingle packages for WSGN.


Not all the jingle packages the WSGN used has survived the passage of time, however, we will post what we can find here, for us to remember, or to hear them for the first time.  If you have a jingle package you would like to donate to the website, please contact us!